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Are you scared to open your mail? Is budgeting too confusing? Are you ready to stop living paycheck to paycheck? Let's work together to create a simple plan for moving forward. Give me a call right now.

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What Clients are Saying

Katie Pool, IdahoHow would you describe your financial situation before working with Berman Budgeting Basics?
Why did you decide to work with Berman Budgeting Basics?
You were friendly and you seemed to understand the issues I was having, that you could help me. You listened to me.
How did you feel going into your first money coaching session?
Excited. Nerve-wracking to spill your bad habits to someone, and your budget is a mess. I was ready for changes.
How did you feel after you left it?
Pretty good.
How would you describe your financial situation since working with Berman Budgeting Basics?
My awareness of spending has increased a lot. I’ve gotten better at asking myself questions like,”If I didn’t buy it, what would I use the money for instead?” I have a better understanding of how to make a zero-based budget.
Why is it worth the investment to hire me as your money coach?
If you’re struggling with financial issues, then you need to work with someone who knows more about that than you do. Stephanie is accommodating with the way my brain works.

Charles & Sarah, WashingtonStephanie came into our life when we were arguing about our finances and struggling to make ends meet month to month. She has taught us how to be more accountable to each other and ourselves when making important decisions regarding money.We were both nervous and scared when this journey started. We are now confident and optimistic.Stephanie is definitely a pitbull when it comes to keeping us on task and encouraging us to make attainable goals each month. She is not at all judgmental when we have made mistakes. Instead she very wisely and creatively showed us how to prevent the mistakes from happening again.I would recommend Stephanie to anybody who is looking for a strong money coach. Her sense of humor is like no other and she has experiences that are relative to what she is trying to teach.Thank you Stephanie for coming into our lives and helping us make sense of our finances so we can have financial stability for the future.

Brian & Jeannie, OregonI am a naturally nervous person and had to think long and hard about paying someone to coach me to be able to handle my money better. It almost felt counter-intuitive! But every single time I attend one of our meetings I am left feeling so confident and so optimistic that this month will be even better than the last!My only regret is that I wish I had signed up sooner! Stephanie always has a new way of looking at things that I never would have thought of, and her service continues to bless us every month as we watch our savings account grow for the first time ever! The best part is that she is a real, down-to-earth person who has gone through all of the things I am currently working through and is living proof that there indeed is a light at the end of the tunnel! Thank you, Stephanie!




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